We'll take care of Your St Lucia Car Rental 

Don't get caught up in renting a car in St Lucia

Searching for the best St Lucia car rental company is not always straightforward as it may sound.  You may not have gone through the experience like a couple of our previous guests have. Yes, waiting for one hour, or sometimes as much as ninety minutes! before you can collect your rented vehicle at the airport upon your arrival.

You have waited patiently to go through immigration and customs after your exhausting journey.  One thing that is certain to be on your mind is, getting to your holiday home in the quickest possible time.  One way to avoid unnecessary delay as regards the hiring of a vehicle is to make your online reservation  through one of the St Lucia car rental companies ahead of your arrival.

But is there any guarantee that everything will work fine as you planned? Are you certain that you will get the vehicle rental package deal that you paid for?  Don’t bet on it.

A vehicle you did not hire

There are many St Lucia discount car rental packages being offered by the major companies. They do not refuse bookings even though they may have no vehicles available.  These companies own a maximum fleet of fifteen vehicles and operate on a first come first serve basis.  Any surplus bookings that are received are subcontracted to individual vehicle renters.  When the customer arrive to pick up, If they are lucky that their flight is among the first to arrive or they are among the first fifteen to exit from immigration and customs queue / line,they're in luck.

If you're unfortunate not to be among the first fifteen  That’s where your waiting begins. Bear in mind that the subcontracted transaction is not carried out ahead of your arrival. But why should the big companies bother? They have nothing to lose.  Worst of all, and often, you end up with a vehicle that you did not hire or one that you’re not happy with; like our guest From GB found out.

Let us take care of your car rental needs

In the unfortunate event that you go through this experience, you will not be offered a refund but it is very likely you will be offered a vehicle that you did not reserve, a hired vehicle that is not comparable to what you ordered in the first place. Worst of all, you may be asked to cough up extra charges for the replacement vehicle.  This experience will have eaten away one or two hours into your vacation time and it’s sure to leave you in a very unhappy mood.  As your host, we are giving you the opportunity to avoid the possibility of you going through this very frustrating situation.  Let us take care of your car rental needs.

Avoid uncertainty

The above situation is not the experience that we wish our Island visitors to encounter.  Hence we have stepped in and given our guests the choice to rent our vehicle.  We are throwing in a rental package just for you.  So why not book your holiday accommodation and your vehicle rental with us.

In the likely event you require a St Lucia drivers permit, we will assist in obtaining this for you.  We do not charge any taxes on car rental like the other companies do.   We pick you up and drop you off at the airport for free.  

Book your rented accommodation with Gravills Vacation Rental and avoid the uncertainty of getting your reserved hired vehicle.  We give you the option. 

Rent for seven days and get one day free rental

You have the option to pay by two installments online.  Alternatively you may secure and pay upon your arrival.  We only ask that you confirm your decision to hire from us.  At present we provide a vehicle rental for our guests only so there is no chance of your hired vehicle not being available.  Let us take care of your St Lucia car rental.  Rent your vehicle for seven days and get one day FREE!

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