Nearby Activities

Activities on the East Coast of St Lucia

Nearby Activities

There are many  nearby activities on the East Coast of St Lucia to be enjoyed.  Among the list are hiking trails with waterfalls close by, zip lining and kite surfing and of course horseback riding all within twenty minutes drive from our location.
And what about some local live entertainment?  Well there is the River Bank Bar about five minutes drive away.  Why not go listen to some local talent on Thursday night! Karaoke for all.  Your participation in the karaoke event would be appreciated by the locals.
You can also order your dinner in advance at the River Bank Bar so you don't have to wait too long for your meal.  And there is the limelight club where the BBQ grill is always warm.

Popular Activities

Trekking in the Des Cartier rainforest. One of the longest trails in St lucia. A great opportunity to see many of our indigenous bird species.

Kite surfing In the atlantic ocean in Vieux-Fort Sandy beach.  Book a day or two to avoid disappointment. All equipment are provided

Sault Waterfalls in Dennery.  Only walking distance away from the zipline 

Why not book a tour of horseback riding along the southern shores of the atlantic ocean.

Mountain biking / Cycling tour in Vieux-Fort

The longest Ziplining on the Island twenty minutes drive away

We keep abreast with the various activities on the Island, therefore we can provide you with information about any event taking place.

It is always helpful to let us know what your interests are immediately you book your holiday home. By informing us, we will be able to provide you with detailed information before you arrive thereby saving you valuable time and money.

There are nearby activities on the East Coast of St Lucia for everyone irrespective of your interest.

Book Direct and we'll help organize all your activities in St Lucia.

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