Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Your comfort, safety and security whilst you are on our premises is assured.

Your use of our website gravillsvacationrental indicate your agreement, and that you will abide to our terms and conditions by which the business of our website is conducted. The same will apply to the conditions stated in our Privacy policy.  Please spare some time to read through these documents.

Our Communication

We ask that you make use of our website with responsibility just as we (Gravills Vacation Rental) are committed to being responsible in the management of our services to you.  From the moment you reserve our vacation rental property we are contracted to you. (the renter / potential renter of our property) We will endeavour to communicate with you through our tools provided on the site in order to ensure mutual understanding and agreement of your needs in conjunction with our services.  Such communication method will continue through and up to the date your occupancy begins.  

We will not knowingly advertise or communicate invalid information about our vacation rental.  Therefore the services that we provide are advertised with accuracy; such information includes the safety, general conditions, quality and the security.  You are responsible to raise any questions or concerns about any aspect of our services before you take up occupancy of the vacation rental.  

You also agree to adhere to the rules as advertised on our site and in our "Home Guide".  In the interest of safety and security we do not make our home guide public.. Therefore upon receiving your booking of our holiday home rental we will immediately release this information to you.  You have the right to raise any questions or concerns about the content of the home guide. Gravills Vacation Rental will address such questions or concerns and bring to an amicable and mutually satisfactory conclusion.  Should there be reasons by which an amicable or mutually satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached, Gravills Vacation Rental WILL make a COMPLETE REFUND to you without further questions or delay.

Payment for Booking Gravills Vacation Rental

We have given you several options by which you can make payment for your holiday rental. Such payment is to be made in advance of your arrival unless otherwise stated or agreed upon prior to your arrival.  Payment by cash transfer directly to our bank account requires no third party involvement.  Other payment methods (Credit and Debit Cards) involves a world renowned and highly reputable third party.  Therefore Gravills Vacation Rental will not be in possession of your information / credit / debit card details.  We will not be in possession of your funds until such funds are released by the third party.  It may take up to seven days or more for the third party to carry out transfer of funds to our bank account.  Gravills Vacation Rental will receive written notification from the third party whos undertaking it is to process credit card payments on our behalf.  Such notification will be sent immediately you pay for your booking.  We cannot assume responsibility for payments until such notification has been received.  Nevertheless, your selection of our property WILL BE HONOURED as a CONFIRMED BOOKING immediately you book.

Non-Authorised Users

All information contained on this website belong to Gravills Vacation Rental therefore the use of the website order than for the purpose of viewing with intent to booking the property offered for rental on this site is deemed unauthorised.  No one is authorised to copy or reproduce the content of this site.  It is illegal to use this site to distribute or process false, abusive, threatening and or deceptive information.  Such information includes but not limited to the false pretense of reserving and or booking the property.  Any action taken to hinder the operation of this site will be taken very seriously and be dealt with appropriately.  Should you encounter any problems whatsoever during the use of this site or any unusual activity during use, you should please inform Gravills Vacation Rental, with as much details as possible via our Contact usform.

Publication of Reviews and Feedback

While we welcome reviews and feedback, Gravills Vacation Rental reserve the right to publish or discard any information as it pertains to reviews and feedback as deemed fit.  We will not publish any review or other material that contain profanity or vulgarity.  We will not entertain any language that may be hurtful or harmful or insensitive to others.  Any material on the subject of religion, politics, gender or ethnicity will be dismissed.

Right to Terminate

It is within your right and that of Gravills Vacation Rental to terminate our agreement with each other.  Such termination will be bound by the terms and conditions as laid down in this agreement and as contained on this website.

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