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St Lucia Cuisine - Mouth-watering Food and Drink

St Lucia cuisine is very diverse and we are fortunate to have the capacity to be self sufficient with our food production. The island’s very fertile soil has enriched us in terms of being able to produce the various ground provisions, vegetables, fruits and the many herbs and spices that are used in the culinary styles of St Lucia. Our traditional creole cuisine is one in particular that you should certainly try when you visit. While you will find a great selection on the menu at St Lucia top restaurants, spare a moment, explore the Island and and tuck into the savoury dishes prepared by the locals. We produced and supply everything that is displayed here. Choose from the menu below only when you Book your stay through this website. Let us know of your special needs.

Fruits and Vegetables Picked From our Garden.

Fried Bakes and Corned beef Breakfast:

Breakfast is never complete without the favourite fried bakes. Bakes can be served with fried fish, fried chicken, saltfish, stewed corned beef or any other meats or fish. The favourite drink that goes down extremely well with a fried bake meal is Cocoa tea. The tea is made from homegrown cocoa / chocolate. The cocoa is first extracted from the cocoa pods, it is roasted and rolled into a cocoa stick then grated and boiled. Ingredients are added according to taste. The meal also includes avocado and salad mixed with other vegetables. There is a selection of mixed fresh fruits of watermelon, grapefruit and oranges to complete your breakfast.

A Great selection for Dinner:

Rice meal served with stewed chicken and mixed steamed vegetables. Vegetable includes broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and mushrooms. There is pumpkin pie prepared with plain flour, onions, garlic, parsley and other herbs. The pumpkin is coated in breadcrumbs and fried or baked. A Corn soup is served as a starter. All part of our St Lucia Cuisine

Local Cherry Juice with no additives:

A refreshing glass of Cherry Juice; Cherries picked from our five cherry trees.

A delicious dish of locally grown "Chinese" cabbage:

A mouth watering dish of steamed home grown Chinese Cabbage mixed with a variety of peppers and other vegetables and herbs. One of our own.

A refreshing glass of home made Hibiscus wine:

Our Traditional Fish Cakes:

Fish cakes is one of our favourite side dishes but it is most popular, and served traditionally during the Easter season. The main ingredient is flour but there are lots more that can be added to give the absolutely delicious taste. Saltfish, onions, chilli pepper and other condiments can be added according to your liking.

St Lucia Cuisine:

This is a fried spicy chicken meal with coated potato wedges. Mixed salad with sweet corn, sweet peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Roast vegetables; broccoli, sweet peppers, courgettes, cabbage, leeks and pumpkin a selection of condiments are served according to taste.

Breadfruit and Saltfish Meal:

This traditional Meal features high on our St Lucia Cuisine. The meal includes locally grown breadfruit. Breadfruit can be cooked in various ways; boiled, fried when ripe, roasted and baked. In addition to the breadfruit you will find a taste of appetising saltfish prepared with coconut oil, sweet and seasoning peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic and parsley. The side dish includes a mixed salad and locally grown fresh fruits. To top it off, you will be served with a glass of home made cherry juice; cherries picked from our garden.

Golden Delicious Fried Bakes:

If you prefer just a plain and simple fried bakes breakfast, there you have it. A small mixed salad with corned beef, sprinkled with a touch of parsley.

Vegetable Rice and Pigeon Peas served with Chicken casserole

Another addition to our St Lucia Cuisine is this very succulent meal of rice, mixed with freshly picked pigeon peas and other vegetables. Ripe plantain, mixed salad, a juicy and flavoured chicken casserole adds to this mouth watering food.

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