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Things To Do in St Lucia

There's Never a Dull Moment

Our beautiful Island continues to live up to its enviable reputation as one of the top Caribbean tourist destinations.  Therefore, by providing our guests with many exciting things to do in St Lucia we are committing to ensuring that there is never a dull moment for anyone. Whether you are a hiking enthusiast, keen on Kite surfing, Scuba diving and snorkeling, Kayaking, Mountain biking, Bird watching or Turtle watching, Zip-lining, or, just chilling all day on the beach, our St Lucia Holiday Home Rental is suitably located for easy access to every point of the Island.  

Simply Stunning

An Island holiday is all about adventure and there is no shortage of events that is sure to keep you busy in Saint Lucia.  The wide selection of activities from which to choose; on land and at sea, is certain to leave you with lasting memories. Book an adventure tour and brace yourself for the breathtaking views, the calm waters of the Caribbean sea between the North and West coast and our rich rain-forests.

Adventure Tours

This is the amazing scenery of the Petit Piton and other landmarks from Tet Paul Nature Trail.  Are you one for heights or are you a hiking enthusiast? Then why not book this tour of one of St Lucia's most popular hiking trails and wrap up the experience of a lifetime! Friendly and knowledgeable tour guides come from the local communities between the South - Western districts of Choiseul and Soufriere.

Kayak Tours

Kayaking in the southern town of Vieux-Fort will take you along the red mangrove.  You will see the coastal birds, oyster colonies, sea-moss farms and sea grass.  You will travel along the coast and down to scorpion Island.  It was named scorpion Island because of its looks and not because there are scorpions.  The area is shallow and very safe even for children.  There will be a short break during the trip and you will be served with a taste of the sea moss drink. while you take a swim in the shallow waters if you choose. This is an exciting trip and there is much to learn; a very educational journey.  Kayaking on the west coast side of the Island also presents the opportunity to view the exhilarating scenery.  The journey would normally be from Marigot Bay to Soufriere.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Among the many interesting opportunities to explore and enjoy Saint Lucia to the fullest, snorkeling is one of the top events.  There are many coral reefs with abundant species of marine life.  There is the opportunity to experience dive through shipwreck.  Designated marine areas stretches from Marigot Bay on the North-West coast to Soufriere's Gros Piton on the West.  Best snorkeling areas include Anse Cochon, Anse Chastanet beach, and Mangetout / Sugar beach.  These areas are protected by the Marine Management Association.  Saint Lucia is renowned for its many colourful coral reefs throughout.  However for safety reasons it is best to dive on the West coast.  Some of the diving facilities provide all the diving gear. 

Bird Watching

Saint Lucia is home to the highest number of indigenous bird species within the Eastern Caribbean. The many nature trail sites from which you can enjoy bird watching includes the Millet Bird Sanctuary on the North-West Coast. This site also presents the opportunity for a spectacular view of the Roseau Dam which is also the largest in the Eastern Caribbean.  Other sites include the Des Cartier Rainforest trail in Micoud and Gros Piton Nature Trail.  These are some of the best sites where you can see some rare species that includes our national bird, the Saint Lucia Green Parrot. 

Turtle Watching

If you are a turtle enthusiast you will have this activity listed.  However, you should note that sea turtle watching is not an activity that takes place throughout the year.  The watching season starts in March and ends in August.  Usually visitors would be given up to four hours to observe our beautiful turtle species make their way to the beach in search of a safe place to lay their eggs.  We are fortunate to be the home of three species that includes the world's largest reptile; the leatherback.  The other two species are the the Hawksbill and the Green turtle.  

Sunset & Bird Watching Tour

This is a spectacular view of St Lucia pitons in the South-West Town of Soufriere standing from the northern point of the town.  From this point the dense forests of Soufriere hills are clearly visible and that includes the world renowned Soufriere Volcano as well as the famous pitons.  Soufriere is considered the Tourism capital of Saint Lucia therefore visiting the town is a must for anyone on vacation. This location on the outskirt of the town is a rich forest that is also home to many of our bird species.  A great opportunity to combine two exciting events of bird watching and view of the sunset.

Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island is one of St Lucia's greatest landmarks where history was made. Where many battles were fought between the French and the British.  Once a 44 acre Islet in the Caribbean sea separated from the mainland, it was joined to the mainland in 1972 when the causeway was built during the development of the Rodney Bay Marina. This amazing venue is located in the Northern tip of the Island.  Pigeon Island has become a main venue for the hosting of many of the Island activities. A holiday to this beautiful Island cannot be complete without visiting this monument.

Sapphire Falls Mud Bath

Just the therapy you need to start off your St Lucia Vacation. The Sapphire falls is in a location that is surrounded by natural beauty.  And there is the "not to be missed" opportunity of a soak in the mineral mud. No fancy swimwear is required as it is likely to be discolored.  You will be entertained by the very experienced tour guides who will also pass on a wealth of knowledge about the history and tradition of this amazing Island. 

Tree Top Canopy Adventure

The tree top and canopy adventure park is super exciting so there's no surprise that it's also high on the to do list.  Located in Dennery which is on the East coast of the Island, the Zipline is the longest, the fastest and the highest on the island.  if you're not afraid of heights, then why not get a birds eye view of this magnificent rain forest. Just buckle up, hold tight and enjoy the ride. The Sault falls is only a short distance away. 

Sunset Tours

Just what you may need to round off your day of fun. Experience the amazing view of sunset in St Lucia.  Enjoy the smoothness of the Caribbean Sea while you sail along the West Coast of the Island.  It is always best to book this tour in advance to guarantee a spot.  You have the option of going on your own private sail; with your captain and crew if you wish. 

Saphire Falls Mineral Bath

Second only to St Lucia Sulphur Springs.  The Saphire Falls Mineral Bath will surely rejuvenate you and put you in good stead for the day ahead.  The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful.  You will be in the company of a very friendly team who will guide you and share the history of this fascinating site. There's a lot more to see and taste; much more to enjoy.

Rum Tasting Tour

St Lucia produces some of the finest rums in the Caribbean.  Located on the North-west coastal community of Roseau, St Lucia Distillers is also opened for the business of rum tasting.  You will be given a tour of the distillery then you will have the opportunity to sample our finest rums.  Sampling's not enough? then why not purchase a bottle or two! 

Chocolate Making Tour

Chocolate making is relatively new to St Lucia.  Our locally produced cocoa is used for the production of the chocolate thereby giving a well needed opportunity to the St Lucia cocoa farmers; the finished product is now being exported to the UK.  The chocolate factory is located on the West coast area of Soufriere on an estate that spans 140 acres.

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