Why Choose Us

Explore the Island With Ease

Our St Lucia vacation home rental is located on the East Coast which is convenient for exploring the Island with ease during your stay in St Lucia. we are no more than 15 minutes drive from Hewanorra International Airport.  You will be able to start your vacation in total comfort without having to travel to the North immediately upon arrival. You will also have the opportunity to visit all the tourist attractions from a more central point.  If we do not have a back to back booking on your departure date, we will give you the option to leave your apartment at your convenience and at no extra cost.  Furthermore, you save the booking fees that are charged by the holiday rental advertising platforms when you book directly through this website.

St Lucia Cuisine

We give you the first chance to taste our St Lucia Cuisine when you book your St Lucia vacation home rental  with us. Sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of your holiday home while we prepare your first meal.  This is a FREE offer and it does not apply if you book Gravills Vacation Rental through another advertising platform.

St Lucia Tourist Attractions

Accessing  all of the main tourist attractions from your location in Micoud is easy.  Only a short distant away from some of the very popular venues.  Maria Islet, Dennery Tree Top Canopy Adventure Park, Latille Falls, Des Cartier Rain Forest Nature Trail. and Mamiku Gardens.  Conveniently, these popular sites are no more than 30 minutes drive from your St Lucia vacation home rental.

Make it a Village Holiday

There's your opportunity to make your St Lucia vacation a real Village holiday. Make the most of your stay on our beautiful Island. Drive through the towns and villages. See the real St Lucia! Learn about the Island's culture!

Plan your Stay In St Lucia

We are well positioned to help plan your stay in St Lucia  when you book our holiday apartment. We have teamed up with a well renowned and certified stakeholder in the business to help manage your list of things to do in st. Lucia.

Explore St Lucia

You can explore St Lucia in your own way and at your own pace without any restrictions. Unlike package holidays and the St Lucia all inclusive resorts, you will have the luxury of a complete home to yourself at a fraction of the cost of one hotel room.   So why pay more for less?

St Lucia Hospitality

The importance of Customer Care in the hospitality industry and the subject of safety and security remain our main focus.  Our wealth of knowledge and experience in customer service delivery, stands us in good stead to continue delivering that quality service. We leave nothing to chance.

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